Born at the end of the Civil Rights Movement in Raleigh, North Carolina. Johnny learned very early in his life that he was going to have challenges.  "I was attacked by gangs of whites when I was young just because I was a black kid.  I remember being spat on and called racial slurs.  That period had a major impact on the anger that was developing in me.  Another major impact in my life was not having a mother or father at home to raise me.    I was living with my Great Grandmother but no one ever told me why.  She provided me with her love, shelter and strict morals.”  Still Johnny found ways to damage his youth with self-inflicted bad decisions. 

Not knowing how to deal with his childhood issues led him to drinking at an early age (13) and going down the wrong path.  Angry at himself for how his life was turning out , he didn't know what to do with the emotional energy growing inside.  “I felt like a bomb ready to explode.   Soon I began to experiment with smoking weed and more heavy drinking.   One day I had a black out from drinking too much when I was 17.  That is when the reality hit me that my life was in danger.”  At that time Johnny made a commitment to himself to do what he could to turn his life around.

After struggling to get out of high school his life changed when he joined the U.S. NAVY, where he received an Honorable Discharge.  He immediately moved to New York to pursue his dream to become an entertainer.  “I used my past setback experiences as motivation to remind me what I had already overcome in my life.  I was on a mission to prove to myself that I could do anything when I took that approach.”

Johnny applied himself in the entertainment industry, building a solid reputation as a triple threat performer. Soon he began to utilize his skills by helping others develop their talents.  Johnny has worked and associated with labels and production companies.  “As a Creative Development Specialist the legitimacy of my background is indisputable.”


    New York City, Mr. Blanks is a former runway model at Fashion shows in the New York and New Jersey areas.
    He is an Honor Graduate of Rosalind Lee Modeling School in New York;  He was signed to Fashion Shows Unlimited
    as a runway model.  He has been featured in print for G-Boss Magazine, Gospel Flavor Magazine and the centerfold
    model for Black Confessions Magazine (1987).  Mr. Blanks was the mastermind behind the marketing of Pan Zai
    Fashion  to executives at the Urban Music Summit, in the Bahamas for the gospel music industry.  Mr. Blanks has    
    trained many models to appear on the Word Network in his fashion shows for Ambassador Dr. Bobby Jones of BET.

    Mr. Blanks aka “J.B. ~ The Man of Fashion” is the signature face and voice of PANZAI Fashion in N.Y., where he has
    been seen and heard on the Word Network.  Pan Zai is the ONLY fashion show to run for 9 consecutive seasons
    on the WORD Network.   As Fashion Coordinator, Mr. Blanks was responsible for various artist wears, such
    as Vickie Winans, Dr. Bobby Jones, Ice. T, Natalie Cole, Freddie Jacksons and many others.  Mr Blanks was selected
    by Ambassador Dr. Bobby Jones as  the Fashion Coordinator for the Bobby Jones Industry Retreats in Las Vegas and   
    Florida.  Johnny has hosted numerous fashion shows around the country and internationally.


    As a triple threat performer Johnny appeared in Films, Off-Broadway and Television.  Mr. Blanks was  a leading
    characters in 3 Indie movies and college films.  Johnny was also a leading man in 3 Off-Broadway Productions,
    including the extended run of the musical Juneteenth, Directed by Emmy Award Winning Producer A. Curtis Farrow.

    Recording Artist & Songwriter for D.G. Productions ; Johnny was signed to Jus Borne Records during the 80's.  The
    label responsible for the club hit "Set It Off".  He has written songs for many up and coming artist.


    Johnny was part of the brainchild of WMLK Radio Staion on board the navy vessel USS. MILWAUKEE.   Johnny also              worked as a producer and songwriter for upcoming artist.   Mr. Blanks has produced and performed with Jazz  great
    Onaje Allen Gumbs.  Johnny produces the gospel radio show, Gospel Groove on


    Mr. Blanks has studied dance with some of the best in New York City.  A former student from Alvin Ailey Dance Center
    and Broadway Dance Center, Johnny has exhibited his skills in theatre and club performer.  Mr. Blanks has won
    many dance competitions and has organized and choregraphed winning routines.  Mr. Blanks is also an accomplished
    teacher in movement and stage direction.


    Mr. Blanks received a Public Proclamation from the Mayor of Mt. Vernon, NY for honorable contributions and 
    achievements as a motivational speaker, entertainer and youth development coordinator.  Working with incarcerated
    woman and youth, Mr. Blanks was able to motivate them through discussions, open group forums, creative direction
    in the areas of modeling, singing, dancing and providing outlets for improving their self-esteem.  He motivated each
    one to produce their own graduation while also having them host the event. (click on Proclamation in photo gallery)


    With artist development being the backbone of an artist with longevity, Johnny has developed a motivational method
    that allows artist to tap into their ability to perform at a higher potential.